Get ready for the RESOLVD Final Event!

In the framework of the RESOLVD (Renewable penetration levered by Efficient Low Voltage Distribution grids) project, funded by the EU Horizon 2020 program, we cordially invite you to the RESOLVD Final Event. The project is coming to a successful end and it is time to set steps for the future.



23-24 February 2021,

09:00-13:00 AM CET



At our final event, you will see RESOLVD partners pitch the promising outcomes that are likely to transform the business of energy system stakeholders and harvest future opportunities among partnerships with RESOLVD consortium members.

The event will be held over 2 half-day sessions:

Day 1: RESOLVD achievements and opportunities

Time and place: Tuesday, February 23 @ 9:00-13:00 AM CET. Online event.

The first half-day session will provide the participants with understanding of RESOLVD achievements and of opportunities RESOLVD opens for the future. You will hear exciting presentations from top experts in the field presenting their achievements in the RESOLVD project, you will see concrete demos and we will finalise the day with an interesting panel debate. For this session, we welcome all interested stakeholders. The session will be organised as an online webinar.

Day 2: Workshop on developing real actions out of opportunities (limited participation)

Time and place: Wednesday, February 24 @ 9:00-13:00 AM CET. Online event.

The second half-day session is targeting stakeholders which have interest in creating real future activities out of opportunities presented during day 1. The session will be organised in smaller group discussions between participants and project consortium members. So, if you have commercial interest in the RESOLVD outcomes or you are interested in initiating collaboration with the RESOLVD partners, please register below for both days. Due to the nature of the workshop, seats are limited. However, all interest will be responded to and followed up by the consortium.


Detailed agenda and more information will be coming soon!


We hope to have you among us, so please register below and express your interest in joining either both days or only the first day: