KLINK 2020: Internationalisation 
«Taking your business abroad»

Join our free morning webinar about taking your Norwegian business to a foreign market!

We are proud to present our four highly experienced speakers that will dispense their advices and showcase how they have taken on similar challenges. The webinar is part of the KLINK program from Smart Innovation Norway, and is financed by Innovation Norway.

PROGRAM – Friday 30 October
  • 09:00-09:05   Welcome and introduction | Inge Michael Bilet, Smart Innovation Norway
  • 09:05-09:50   “Lessons learned from founding and running 23 ventures in partnerships with corporations” | Bernd Schmidt, Mantro
  • 09:50-10:35   “Scaling sales from Local to Global – learnings from Xeneta, Mediaplanet & ScaleupXQ” | Lars Bjørkevoll, ScalupXQ
  • 10:35-11:20   “Starting Your World Tour: A Few Things to Keep in Mind” | Lisa Long
  • 11:20-12:05   “Working with Americans” | Sean Percival

FREE webinar


09:00-12.30 on Friday 30 October




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Inge Michael Bilet

Sean Percival

“Working with Americans”

Sean will talk about the American culture and also what Norwegians companies should think about when expanding to silicon valley specifically. Or if they even should consider it, given covid times.

Sean Percival is an American entrepreneur, investor and author originally from California. He has invested in 100+ startups and founded several of his own. Through his work in acclaimed accelerator programs like 500 Startups and Katapult Accelerator, Sean has helped to mentor 1000s of startups on growth marketing and fundraising. Finally, he’s a multifaced and experienced marketing executive with prior experience as the Vice President of Online Marketing at Myspace and as former CMO of Whereby.

Lars Bjørkevoll

“Scaling sales from Local to Global – learnings from Xeneta, Mediaplanet & ScaleupXQ”

LJ has played a fundamental role in building and scaling several businesses out of the Nordics. As both top level executive and ‘in the trenches’ operator he has accumulated valuable ‘know-how’ on how to rig companies from scratch and establish a strong fundament for future commercial growth. His main focus today is sharing this knowledge through ScaleupXQ – supporting companies in building solid commercial sales ‘engines’ and future commercial successes. 

ScaleupXQ is an initiative to strengthen Norwegian companies ready to scale sales by the latest of commercial means. We establish and operate commercial organisations on behalf of our customers – contributing with strategy, tactics and “in the trenches” operational support. 

The people behind ScaleupXQ come with an extensive background from scaling commercial organisations with success. We are on a mission to contribute to future commercial successes by sharing this Know-How with Norwegian entrepreneurs and corporates.

Lisa Long

“Starting Your World Tour: A Few Things to Keep in Mind”

Lisa Long is the cofounder of BeforeYouCode and Six to Start (makers of Zombies, Run!) Getting her start in Silicon Valley in enterprise software, she moved into product management after securing her INSEAD MBA, subsequently working on large scale consumer products, including time at Microsoft, Skype, and Telenor.  She has spoken on product management from Lviv to London to San Francisco. She serves on the board of Ibexa and is an advisor to Spring Capital and the SmartInnovation accelerator. In her spare time, she plays capoeira.

BeforeYouCode is a consultancy targeted at boards and senior executives looking for operational guidance on how to execute their digital transformations.  Based in Oslo and Singapore, we work with international clients, giving pratical advice and hands on operational assistance.

Bernd Schmidt

“Lessons learned from founding and running 23 ventures in partnerships with corporations”

Bernd is Partner Manager at Mantro GmbH. Mantro is building long-term, cross-industry joint ventures for real digital innovation.

“We leverage the full potential of our ventures by combining our digital origins with the expertise and reach of our cross-industry partners”

Bernd will touch upon these topics:

  • Trust & Reality vs. complex contracts
  • Raising funds with strategic investors
  • How we started to digitalize switching cabinets and ended up in building a digital learning platform
  • Building up remote sales in an offline world (municipalities as customers)