The INJECT project

Smart Innovation Norway has an EU advisory role in the Innovation Norway funded project, INJECT. The goal of the project is to boost the delivery of knowledge, animate and activate the cluster members’ cooperation at national and international levels, and prepare more successful proposals in the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme.


The EU adviser role in the NCE cluster would be focused but not limited to these core objectives:

1. Awareness creation

  • Analysing published information on Research Participant Portal and informing cluster members about ongoing calls of proposals relevant for members’ activities under ICT, Energy and Health topics for Industrial Leadership and Societal challenges as well as cross-topic calls in SMEINST and Fast Track to Innovation actions.
  • Organising an annual Information day with the representatives from the EC (DG CONNECT and DG ENERGY) for cluster members and other interested business, public and academia entities to present new opportunities at H2020 and to share best practises from successful H2020 projects in Norway
  • Holding bilateral dialogues with cluster members to explain in details the financial and legal regulations of H2020, to introduce the topics of H2020 and to listen to ideas that potentially may result in proposals.

2. Networking

  • Informing cluster members about upcoming events organised by the EC via newsletters, bilateral discussions and dedicated communication
  • Participating in the relevant events and Information days organised by the European Commission, more specifically DG CONNECT, DG ENER and related agencies. For example, Info day ‘Start-up Europe for Growth and Innovation Radar’, ICT 2017 events and similar.
  • Representing NCE Smart Energy Markets and its cluster members in NCE presentations, discussions and bilateral communications during networking events
  • Implementing a targeted partners search for envisaged activities in H2020

3. Support during the proposals preparation stage

  • Providing a dedicated support on a call for proposals selection, assessment of an idea, analysing advanced state of the art and innovation potential, advising on structure of the proposal (Excellence, Impact and Implementation sections), revising Work Packages structure and key performance indicators as well as the consortium composition and any challenge related to H2020 proposal
  • Helping to connect with potential consortium partners inside and outside Norway
  • Advising on proposals budget – distribution of budget and tasks between partners, subcontracting, other direct cost and other required specificities depending on a proposal.
  • Supporting in preparing a legal registration and self-evaluation on the research participant portal as well as contributing to a proposals submission process

4. Consultations during the projects stage

  • Providing an advice on H2020 project management best practises
  • Providing support in managing key challenges – the grant agreement preparation, the consortium agreement preparation, and steps during the project life time e.g. communication with the EC, the deliverables content and quality, a review preparation and others
  • Helping with unpredicted challenges – underperforming project and/or partners, etc.

Video: This is INJECT

During one year of activities the following key performance indicators should be achieved:
  • 1 yearly Information day organised at NCE premises
  • 5 yearly events and Information days attended that had been organised by the European Comission (EC)
  • 6 proposals yearly submitted that include Smart Innovation Norway or any NCE cluster member
  • 10 cluster members yearly advised on H2020 and proposals preparation
  • 4 cluster members yearly consulted on H2020 projects management

Contact Senior International Project Manager,
Qazi Sohail Ahmad: