October 15-16, leaders from NCE/GCE Clusters, SIVA, Forskningsrådet and Innovasjon Norge met in Halden. Topics of the meeting was building stronger relationships between clusters, with focus on the objective to build a solid national innovation platform.

Key topics of the meeting was to define the innovation platform and why this should be a focus for the clusters; exploiting existing and new technology and competence – to innovate. How can expertise, methodology and infrastructure for testing, simulation and visualization cooperate.

The questions and answers are many, but a fully operational physical and virtual meeting place for innovation and collaboration is important – especially considering the challenging phase parts of the Norwegian businesses are in at the moment – and that the clusters can play a key role in this.

You can see the video (Norwegian only) from the meeting here or at our YouTube channel.

Video Report from NCE/GCE Cluster meeting in Halden

Video : NCE/GCE samling Oktober 2015, Halden